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Three young girls smiling as Tommie gives them a ride on the Green Kart

The Innovation Institute

Empowering people--regardless of their disability--by including them in the process of creating practical assistive devices that increase mobility, self-esteem, and independence; providing opportunities for them to give back to the community; and engaging them in the service of others.

Group in adapted cart

Who We Are

A group of creative individuals, familiar with the challenges of living from a wheelchair, and energized by working in a wheelchair-accessible fabrication shop.

Theme Song

Tony teaches a young man automotive repair.
Harrold explains the inner workings of a small engine.

What We Do

Employ people with disabilities to work along side us as we create practical assistive devices, build friendships, and serve others.

Wild Things Just Do It

Harrold gives Bob a Hug and a smile in front of the White Hybrid Kart.
A woman smiles as Jim gives her a ride on the White Hybrid Kart.

Why We Do It

We are convinced that "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" is the most empowering way to live.

Camp Action Dreams Come True

Chris shows off the features of the Orange Mower Kart to a Volunteer.
Man shows the completed sign for Wild Thing #3 The Green Kneeling Kart.

You Can Help

To encourage more of America's 2.2 million wheelchair users.

Wandus installing the new tires. Projects in Action

Proof that there is
Life after paralysis!

Projects in Action
Young woman rolling her powerchair down the ramp of the Green Kart. View Events

Bring a smile.
Meet a wheeler.

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Wheelchair tracks on the ground. Read More

Roll a mile in
my shoes chair

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Girl making heart symbol with her hands. Donate Now

Tell a Friend.
Multiply our Efforts

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