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David Daffin

David Daffin

Board Member

David graduated from the University of MD with a BA in 1966 and spent much of his career in editing, publishing, consulting, and management in sales and marketing.

1977 was a big year for David. He married Elizabeth, became a born again Christian, took Christian discipleship training, and started his own fence repair business. He soon began serving with Last Days Ministry in Tyler, Texas.

Since his retirement in 1991 he has served as manager to Vest Pocket Art Gallery and Daffin's General Store; and since 2005 he has managed Providence Farm & Woodlands. Daffin's General Store offers preparedness products, independent power systems, solar energy products, and energy consulting. Providence Farm includes a tree farm, custom log saw milling and water drilling, portable cabins and decks, primitive log buildings, and small group lodging. David has been tinkering with solar power, electric propulsion and wheeled mobility for years.

David is a man of many interests and is continually learning. He brings to the Board a great wealth of knowledge, business experience, and compassion for people.

David says:

All of my experience in this life, from Marketing to Ministry, has taught me that the most important single factor in anyone’s positive experience of life is that he has an overarching life calling or purpose. And one of the most important factors in that purpose is that he has challenging and important work to do, not only for his own benefit, but also for the benefit of others. The Innovation Institute uniquely helps the “wheelchair bound,” one of the planet's least served in this area, to finally realize that goal.”

David lives in Mineola, TX. He has 4 grown children.