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Harrold Andresen

Harrold Andresen


Harrold is the driving force behind the Institute. It's been his long-time dream to build a place where people who use wheelchairs might pool their creativity, develop their talents and interests, and increase their earning power.

Harrold spent three years studying Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Technology at the University of N. Dakota, graduated top in his class from the Dunwoody Industrial Institute automotive program in St. Paul, Minnesota. He has numerous technical certificates and training experiences as well as over 35 years hands-on experience in all aspects of automotive repair, welding, retrofitting, remanufacturing, invention development, and re-engineering.

Harrold has run his own auto shop for over 35 years, training dozens of technicians. People with wheelchair lifts and customized vans are a regular part of his clientele.

Friends and customers know Harrold for his high standards of excellence and integrity in his business dealings and personal life. Harrold has several inventions pending and his Texas Twister tool video can be seen on YouTube.

Harrold lives in Duncanville, Texas, and is the owner and President of Mechanical Excellence, Inc., an automotive repair shop also in Duncanville. He is married to Nancy and they have two adult daughters and one granddaughter. He brings to Innovation Institute a guiding vision and compassion for helping the physically disabled as well as impressive technical skills, innovative technical problem solving ability, communication, and teaching skills.