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Melinda Havran

Melinda Havran

Board Member

Melinda was born with Arthrotryposis, a condition that causes muscle weakness and limited range of motion in the joints. Although confined to a wheelchair, Melinda earned a Bachelors (1985) and her Masters (1987) in Social Work from UT Arlington. She has worked at hospitals as a Medical Social Worker and is now a Case Manager at Reliant Rehabilitation Hospital, Bedford, Texas.

She has detailed knowledge of community resources and healthcare funding. She has worked with persons with chronic or disabling conditions and their families, and has experience in counseling individuals, families, and groups. She says, "I enjoy working with people with disabilities, helping them reach their full potential."

Melinda lives in Arlington, Texas. She became involved with the Innovation Institute after conversations at church with Harrold Andresen in which he shared with her his vision and passion to use his technical skills and creative problem-solving skills to help individuals who use wheelchairs. She became excited about what he hoped to do.

With her knowledge and insight, Melinda makes valuable contributions to Board discussions and decisions, nearly always giving the rest of us new information about resources that might help us serve the disabled community more effectively.